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Unlicensed driver caught operating a "TAXI" say police in Bristol during day of safety checks

Image credit : Avon and Somerset Police

Last month neighbourhood officers in Bristol teamed up with Taxi Compliance PC Patrick Quinton to carry out checks on taxis and private hire drivers in the city centre.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 18 January, officers checked 14 vehicles. Several were given warnings for minor issues and reports were sent to the licensing authority.

One driver was issued with penalty points for failing to display his taxi licence plates.

Another vehicle was found being driven by a person without a taxi licence. The vehicle licence was immediately suspended and enquiries are continuing to deal with the related offences. The police did not confirm if the driver was acting as a hackney carriage taxi driver or a private hire driver.

PC Quinton said: “Our check on licensed vehicles helps ensure that taking a hackney carriage or booking a private hire vehicle is a safe option for people who rely on taxis, especially the more vulnerable in our community, as well as people on a night out.

“As well as carrying out this type of operation to check on the vehicles’ roadworthiness, we work closely with drivers and the licensing authorities to make sure people can be confident about stepping into their vehicle.”

PC Quinton also works to support drivers if they are themselves victims of crime or anti-social behaviour.


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