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Unlicensed ‘taxi driver’ arrested for swapping plates and electricity theft in Swindon

Image credit: Wiltshire Specialist Ops

During a recent police operation, a ‘taxi driver’ in Swindon was arrested for operating without valid insurance and using fraudulent methods to obscure his activities.

According to a spokesperson from Wiltshire Specialist Operations, the Roads Policing Unit (RPU), assisted by the Air Support Group (ARG) and Swindon Community Policing Team (CPT), intercepted the driver during routine checks.

The individual, who posed as a licensed taxi operator, was found swapping registration plates between two I-Pace vehicles to create the illusion of legality. Further investigations revealed the driver was also illegally using electricity from an unspecified source to charge both vehicles.

The arrest highlights ongoing efforts by local police to clamp down on unauthorised and deceptive practices within the transport sector.

A Wiltshire Specialist Ops spokesperson said: “Roads Policing Unit (RPU) stopped this I-pace with help from ARG and Swindon CPT. ‘Taxi driver’ taking fares with no insurance but swapping reg plates from a second I-pace to pretend it does.  Plus using someone else’s elec to charge them both! Arrested.”


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