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UNMINUTED CONCERNS: London taxi representatives UCG PULL OUT of future meetings with TfL

The United Cabbies Group (UCG) has pulled out of future meetings between the London taxi regulators Transport for London (TfL) after a row over a new Engagement Policy erupts.

At least two other taxi driver representative groups have also warned they will no longer attend future Senior Representatives meetings with TfL when the new Engagement Policy arrives in 2022 according to sources.

The UCG and others that include the RMT, are calling for minutes to be taken during the meetings between taxi and regulator officials. It is hoped that the process could help with transparency and accountability between both parties.

The UCG have also raised further concerns over the new policy which includes a lack of two-way negotiation, a newly created taxi bookings tier and the absence of minutes taken.

The UCG Committee asked its members whether they should withdraw from attending future Senior Representative meetings with TfL. The results of the vote showed members voting ‘overwhelmingly’ against the idea of unminuted meetings.

A UCG spokesperson said via social media: “Consultation not negotiation. No minuted meetings.That’s not representation that’s a box ticking exercise. The UCG’s members have overwhelmingly voted against participating in this.The UCG are the only Organisation to ask it’s membership.The only Organisation who refuses to be complicit.”

TfL have been approached for comment.


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