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Unsupervised provisional licence holder caught speeding in London licensed private hire car

A man who is yet to obtain a full UK driving licence has been caught speeding by Surrey Police Roads Unit Team.

The unsupervised provisional licence holder attempted to give officers false details after being stopped for driving at high speed, officers confirmed.

The vehicle, a Toyota Prius sporting a Transport for London roundel on its rear window confirming it as a London licensed private hire car, was pulled over on Tuesday 26 May for the offence.

A spokesperson for the force said: "After being stopped speeding, this unsupervised provisional licence holder tried to give false details.

"On seeing our biometrics kit being set up, the driver came clean!

"The vehicle was seized and the driver prosecuted."

The force's biometrics kit allows officers to check DVLA records which include driver licence images, along with equipment for fingerprint reading.

Officers have not confirmed whether the offender was the owner of the car, acting as a minicab driver or if he had been given permission by the vehicle licence owner to use it for personal reasons, or a combination of any of the above.

Image credit: Twitter - @SurreyRoadCops


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