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‘UPSET, ANXIETY AND FEAR’: Met Police condemns harassment of female motorists by male cyclists

Image credit: MPS Royal Parks (X)

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police's Royal Parks Division addressed concerns raised by several female motorists regarding incidents of abuse and harassment by male cyclists in Richmond Park.

The spokesperson revealed that these incidents involve cyclists wrongly assuming that the female motorists are not authorised to drive on the closed roads within the park.

The spokesperson strongly condemned the behaviour, stating that it is not acceptable and has caused considerable ‘upset, anxiety, and fear’ among the female victims. They emphasised that permit holders are indeed authorised to use the closed roads and reassured the public that regular checks are conducted on vehicles to ensure the drivers are authorised.

The issue of cyclists' conduct in Richmond Park has been a topic of discussion for some time, with conflicts arising over the sharing of space between drivers and cyclists. While efforts have been made to improve the safety and experience for all park users, incidents like these highlight the need for better understanding, respect, and adherence to the rules from cyclists.

The incident has sparked a wider discussion on the need for improved education, awareness, and enforcement to address conflicts between motorists and cyclists in shared spaces.

A Met Police Royal Parks spokesperson said via social media: “We have had several reports from female motorist's who are authorised to drive on the closed roads in Richmond Park of abuse and harassment, including banging on the vehicle and throwing water over the car, by male cyclists, as they believe incorrectly that they are not authorised.

“This behavior is not acceptable and has caused upset, anxiety and fear. Please be aware that permit holders are authorised to use the closed roads. We conduct regular checks on vehicles to ensure the drivers are authorised. Thank you.”


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