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Van drivers THREE TIMES more likely to use handheld mobile phone whilst driving than other motorists reveals Government report

Updated: Jun 6

Van drivers are twice as likely to use handheld phone while driving, reveals latest Government data.

Newly released official statistics from the Government shed light on mobile phone usage by drivers in England. The data, collected during weekdays in autumn 2023, offers insights into the scale of this risky behaviour.

The findings indicate that 0.3% of all vehicle drivers were observed using a mobile phone while driving. The report suggests this is consistent with data collected in Scotland in early 2024.

When broken down by vehicle type, 0.6% of van drivers were seen using a mobile phone, compared to 0.2% of car drivers. The demographic breakdown reveals that males and younger drivers (aged 17 to 29) are more likely to use their phones while driving than females and older drivers (aged 60 and above).

Time of day also plays a role. Observations at a limited number of sites showed a higher incidence (0.8%) of mobile phone use among drivers in the evening (6pm to midnight).

Research consistently shows that using a hand-held mobile phone while driving significantly distracts drivers and increases the risk of crashes. This behaviour is one of several potential distractions for drivers.

Since 2002, the Department for Transport has commissioned periodic surveys to monitor driver mobile phone use, aiding in the assessment of compliance with legislation in Great Britain. These ad-hoc observational surveys, conducted every four to five years, complement self-reported data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales and other in-depth studies. However, due to the new data collection methods used in 2023, direct comparisons with previous years are not recommended.


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