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Veezu and Seatfrog team up to simplify train and private hire journeys

Image credit: Veezu

In a bid to streamline the experience of rail and private hire travel, Veezu and Seatfrog have announced a new partnership.

Veezu, the UK's largest private hire technology platform, has integrated its services with Seatfrog, an app known for digital rail ticketing.

Starting yesterday, the collaboration will connect Seatfrog's rail ticketing technology with Veezu’s vehicle network. Passengers can now book a car from their home, get the best available train seats, and secure a ride directly from the station—all at competitive prices.

The partnership is designed to eliminate the taxi queueing and missed connections caused by train delays. By syncing train schedules and private hire services, passengers should find a Veezu car waiting for them as soon as they step off the train.

Additionally, Veezu users can upgrade to first class on their train journey to the station for as little as £13 using Seatfrog's app. To date, Seatfrog has helped British travellers save over £80million on such upgrades.

Nathan Bowles, CEO of Veezu, said: “Partnering with Seatfrog is an exciting step towards redefining travel in key UK cities. Together, we're going to make it easier than ever for passengers to enjoy an integrated journey and sit in the best seats on the train.”


Iain Griffin, Seatfrog's CEO, said: “Journeys should be easy, but in the UK, we’re constantly reminded that we’re mere mortals every time we jump off a train to catch a taxi - long queues, no vehicles available, surge pricing, stress. No one has seamlessly connected taxis to train journeys, changing that is long overdue.”


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