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VEEZU EXPANDS: Aqua Cars acquisition marks new chapter for Portsmouth's private hire scene

Updated: Mar 27

Image credit: Veezu

Veezu has announced its latest acquisition, Aqua Cars, based in Portsmouth. This development signals a significant expansion of Veezu's operations into the south, integrating Aqua Cars into its network of private hire services.

Veezu, established in 2013, has consistently placed a strong emphasis on leveraging data, technology, and infrastructure. This approach aims to ensure that operators like Aqua Cars do not just survive but thrive, by enhancing their service quality without losing their local identity.

Aqua Cars' incorporation into the Veezu Group aligns it with other successful acquisitions such as Bridge Cars in Gosport and Andi Cars in Havant. The move promises to maintain the essence of Aqua Cars' community-focused operations while elevating the overall passenger experience through Veezu's innovative, technology-driven platform.

By bringing Aqua Cars under its wing, Veezu not only extends its geographic footprint but also reinforces its commitment to modernising the private hire industry across the UK.

Ronnie Leng, Co-Owner of Aqua Cars, said: "Joining forces with Veezu is a natural next step for us to further support our local community by improving the passenger experience. The implementation of new technologies will ensure a more reliable, safe, and easy service for passengers and will aid more than 600 drivers that we partner with across the region.”

Arnie Singh, Chief Operations Officer of Veezu, said: "We’re so pleased to welcome the whole Aqua team to Veezu. Their reputation for excellence proceeds them and is one we will maintain through the partnership.

"As our first acquisition of 2024, following a number of successful acquisitions last year including Britannia Taxis in Merseyside, it highlights that our growth strategy continues. We’re thrilled to expand further south and develop our strong network of areas across the UK.”


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