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VERIFIED RIDER: Uber announces driver app improvements to enhance safety

Image credit: Uber

Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has revealed a series of updates to the Uber Driver app aimed at improving driver safety and maximising earnings.

As part of their aim to improve driver safety, Uber is expanding its "Record My Ride" pilot program to iOS drivers in twelve US cities. Previously available only to Android users, this feature allows drivers to record video of their trips using their smartphone's front-facing camera. The recorded footage is encrypted and stored directly on the driver's device, ensuring privacy and protection. Only in the event of an incident will a driver have the option to share the recording with Uber for review purposes.

In addition to enhancing safety, Uber plans to bolster its rider verification process. Next year, the company will significantly expand the verification of rider identities by cross-referencing rider account details with trusted data sources or ID documents. This move aims to give drivers more peace of mind before accepting trip requests, as they will be informed if a rider is verified. Furthermore, Uber will continue its existing verification process for riders using certain anonymous payment methods.

Continuing the trend of integrating technology for driver convenience, Uber has now integrated Android Auto with the Uber Driver app. Following the integration of CarPlay, Android users can now leverage big-screen interfaces to access features directly from their car dashboard. This integration enables drivers to view demand heatmaps, accept trips, and utilise on-screen navigation, enhancing safety and offering a more comfortable driving experience.

Khosrowshahi said: “Every month, more than 6.5 million drivers and couriers deliver magical experiences to customers around the globe. We owe it to them to keep innovating towards our goal of being the world’s best platform for flexible work. Today we’re announcing improvements to the Uber Driver app, while also making earning on Uber safer and fairer. All of it adds up to an experience you can find only on Uber.”


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