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Veteran Ben Mead prepares to march 40km to raise funds for Taxi Charity

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Ben Mead, a veteran who served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, is set to embark on a gruelling 40km march on 2 September, carrying a 15kg pack, to raise funds for the Taxi Charity.

Mead's courageous effort aims to honour the sacrifices of the Allied troops, including his grandfather, during the Battle of Arnhem in 1944.

Joining thousands of participants in the Wandeltocht event, taking place in Oosterbeek near Arnhem, Mead will march the full route, replicating the weight of the packs carried by the brave soldiers 79 years ago. While many of the walkers will complete only a section of the course, Mead's determination and commitment will see him complete the entire 40km journey.

As a previous participant in trips organised by the Taxi Charity to Normandy, Mead has experienced first-hand the invaluable support and camaraderie the organisation extends to veterans. Sharing his passion for the cause, Mead will also be joining the Taxi Charity on their upcoming trip to the Netherlands at the beginning of September, specifically for the Wandeltocht event.

The annual Wandeltocht, also known as the Airborne March, serves as a tribute to the Battle of Arnhem, a significant World War II operation that took place in September 1944.

Veteran Ben Mead said: “Over the years I have been lucky enough to go away on some wonderful trips with the Taxi Charity and have met some amazing people especially WWII Veterans. Impressed by what the charity does, I have decided to support them and take part in the Airborne March on the 2 September. The walk will take place in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands where in September 1944, The British 1st Airborne Division saw heavy fighting during Operation Market Garden. One of these brave soldiers who fought was my grandfather and it will be an honour to retrace his footsteps. I’m hoping to raise over £500 for the Taxi Charity before I leave the UK on the 30 August and would really appreciate your support.”

London Cab Driver and Chairman of the Taxi Charity, Brian Heffernan, said: “The pandemic and the cost of living crisis has really hit us hard and it is concerning that in our 75th anniversary year we are worried about our financial situation. To hear that Ben is wanting to help is wonderful and I hope everyone gets behind him and donates to ensure our work can continue.”

To find out more about the support the Taxi Charity offers to veterans visit or to donate to Ben Mead’s fundraiser visit


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