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Wakefield Council to mull over extending electric taxi age limits to 20 years

Wakefield Council is currently deliberating a significant overhaul of its taxi age limit policy. The proposed change, primarily aimed at Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles (PHV), suggests a substantial extension in vehicle licensing age limits, particularly for electric taxis.

The council has initiated a four-week consultation period to gauge industry and public opinion on the matter. This consultation will cover several proposals, including the revised upper age limits for licensed vehicles.

The council's proposed framework is as follows:

  • Diesel and petrol saloon vehicles could see their licensing limit extended to 12 years.

  • For multi-seater and wheelchair accessible vehicles, the limit could be increased to 15 years.

  • Plug-in and non-plug-in hybrid vehicles are also being considered for a 15-year licensing period.

  • Most notably, full battery electric vehicles could be re-licensed for up to 20 years.

This move is seen as a way to effectively promote environmentally friendly transportation options. By extending the licensing period for electric taxis, Wakefield Council will be able to entice more drivers to invest in a longer-term assist that effectively reduces their annual costs.

Cllr Akef Akbar, Wakefield East Ward, said via social media: “This is what many of us have been working towards and it is a huge break through.

“Drivers, members and the public have attended at protests and have been petitioning the Council to increase vehicle age limits. Some Councillors have even faced sanctions as a result of supporting the drivers.”


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