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WATCH: London taxi driver influencer takes on challenge to recognise 90’s London road network

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Image credit: Tom Hutley / YouTube

Tom Hutley, a popular London taxi driver influencer known as Tom the Taxi Driver, recently captivated his audience by taking on a unique challenge. In his latest YouTube video, he put his expertise to the test as he attempted to recognise and navigate the London road network from the 1990s.

With a subscriber base exceeding 80,000 on his YouTube channel, Tom the Taxi Driver has gained a loyal following by documenting his experiences and insights as a cab driver in the bustling city. This time, however, he decided to pay tribute to the past by watching a video footage captured three decades ago.

The video showcases Tom Hutley analysing the scenes, commenting on the significant transformations that have occurred over the years, alongside the familiar aspects that have stood the test of time. As the footage rolls, his keen eye and detailed knowledge of London's streets allow him to identify roads, landmarks, and intersections that remain virtually unchanged or have undergone substantial alterations.

Throughout the video, Tom delivers engaging and informative commentary, sharing fascinating anecdotes about the old and new London road network.

The challenge undertaken by Tom the Taxi Driver serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of urban landscapes and the ability of skilled professionals, such as cabbies, to adapt to these transformations.


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