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WATCH: Minicab approaches iconic Savoy Hotel on wrong side of the road, amusing waiting taxi driver

Image credit: Google Maps

A London taxi driver recently shared footage of an incident involving a private hire vehicle (PHV) entering the prestigious Savoy Hotel in the wrong direction.

The video, shared on social media, shows the vehicle being promptly redirected by the hotel's concierge, much to the amusement of the observing black taxi driver waiting on the hotel’s taxi rank.

The Savoy Hotel, known for its elegance and rich history, boasts a unique vehicle entrance set up, adding to the charm of the iconic establishment. Unlike most locations where vehicles enter from the left side of the road, the Savoy's courtyard has a distinct feature where vehicles approach from the opposite side of the road. This historic arrangement goes back to its inception during the days of horse carriage and has become a notable characteristic of the renowned hotel.

The Savoy Hotel has held a special place in London's hospitality scene since its opening in 1889. Located in the heart of the city, it has welcomed countless dignitaries, celebrities, and discerning guests over the years.

The taxi driver known as @Londonkabbie shared the video on Twitter, saying: “(Uber) drive into The Savoy London on wrong side, doorman must have said something to him as he drives back out the right way.

“Here’s one good reason for doing the knowledge! Do the knowledge, become one of the BEST TAXI SERVICE IN THE WORLD, not part of a complete SHAMBLES.”


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