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WATCH: ‘Minicab’ caught on camera with person clinging to BONNET of car flying through red lights

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

A ‘minicab’ was caught on camera with a person clinging on to the BONNET of the car whilst travelling through a busy central London junction.

The silver Toyota Prius, alleged to have been a private hire vehicle, was seen flying down a narrow Marylebone street with what looked to be a person on the bonnet.

Despite vehicles crossing through the junction, the car ran the the red light, turned left and carried on its journey.

A spokesperson from London Traffic Watch on Twitter posted the video along with the message: “Footage captured on film from one of our followers of a TfL licensed minicab rampaging through Marylebone in #Londonwith a motorcyclist on his bonnet.

“Met Police have been informed.”


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