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WATCH: Police capture cab driver running red light who argued he was ‘going too fast to stop’

Updated: Mar 17

A ‘taxi’ driver in Derby has been reported by the Derbyshire Police Roads Unit for blatantly running a red light at the notorious Spider Island, much to the astonishment of onlooking officers.

The incident, which occurred on 3 March, saw the 'professional driver' making a daring and illegal manoeuvre right before the eyes of police officers stationed in a marked police vehicle.

Licensed taxis in Derby are all yellow in colour, which would suggest the licensed vehicle was either a private hire vehicle or out-of-town licensed taxi.

According to the Derbyshire Police Roads Unit, the taxi driver, upon being stopped, audaciously attempted to justify his actions. He claimed that his speed was too fast to allow for a safe stop at the traffic signal.

A Derbyshire Police Roads Unit spokesperson said on social media: “Derby - Spider Island. Taxi ‘professional driver’ sails straight through a red light right in front of a marked Police vehicle. Then tried to argue he was going too fast to stop.”


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