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WATCH: Taxi driver kicks out ‘antisemitic’ passenger after rant about ‘Jewish machine’

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

A taxi driver in London took a firm stance against racism by asking a passenger to leave the cab after she went on a rant about the 'Jewish machine'.

The incident was caught on camera and has since garnered attention for highlighting the prevalence of hate crimes.

The video, which surfaced online, shows the black cab driver demanding that the woman exit the vehicle, saying, "Get the f*** out of my cab!" The driver's response has been praised by Tom Tugendhat MP, who commended him for his stand against racism.

During the exchange, the passenger can be heard expressing her belief that it is easy to provoke people in today's society. She goes on to refer to the 'Jewish machine' and claims that it prevents open dialogue. However, the driver interrupts her, firmly stating, "You can get the f*** out of my cab. Out. Out."

WARNING: Strong language heard in video

Surprised and questioning his decision, the woman asks why, to which the cabbie forcefully replies, "The Jewish machine doesn't allow you to talk!?" The passenger retorts, asserting that the driver is an example of that suppression. In response, the driver repeats his demand for her to leave, labelling her an anti-Semite.

Recent official figures expose a disturbing surge in anti-Semitic hate crimes. Statistics released last month indicate a shocking increase of 1,350% in anti-Semitic offenses. Specifically, in London, data from the Metropolitan Police reveals that 218 incidents were recorded between 1 October and 18 October this year, compared to just 15 during the same period last year.

It is worth noting that during this time frame, tensions in the Middle East escalated, with Hamas attacking Israel on 7 October and Israel subsequently responding with attacks on Gaza.

Alongside the rise in anti-Semitic offences, the data also shows a 140% increase in Islamophobic offences in London from 2022 to 2023, signalling a concerning trend.


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