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WATCH THE GET AWAY DRIVER: Private Hire Driver prosecuted for FLEEING enforcement checks in Gedling

Image credit: Gedling Borough Council

Gedling Borough Council has successfully prosecuted a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver who fled when approached for a safety check.

The incident occurred in December 2021 when a Gedling Borough Council Licensing Enforcement Officer approached Mr Manzoor Alam’s Nottingham City Council PHV.

The incident took place near the entrance to Asda on Front Street, Arnold, in an area reserved for taxis to drop off and pick up passengers. Private Hire Vehicles, like the one driven by Mr Alam, are only allowed to take bookings by prior appointment and are prohibited from picking up fares who flag them down or approach them at the roadside. Plying for hire is considered a breach of licensing conditions and a criminal offense.

The Licensing Enforcement Officer approached Mr Alam's vehicle to inquire about his activities and perform a routine safety check. The officer informed Mr Alam they would be conducting an inspection, but the driver chose to ignore the request and promptly drove off, leaving the scene.

CCTV footage captured and later reviewed by Gedling Borough Council officers revealed that not only did Mr Alam flee the scene but also mounted the pavement to manoeuvre around other vehicles. Using this footage, council officials were able to identify the driver and collaborate with Nottingham City Council's Licensing Team to conduct an interview under caution. Subsequently, legal action was taken against Mr Alam.

The taxi driver, Mr Manzoor Alam, recently faced trial and was convicted of wilfully obstructing a Gedling Borough Council Licensing Enforcement Officer. He has been fined a sum of £336 and ordered to pay a £34 victim surcharge, along with £720 in prosecution costs.

Councillor David Ellis, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, said: “We are committed to ensuring the safety of our residents and checks like these by our Licencing Officers help to protect the public from unsafe and illegal practices, such as drivers who are not properly licensed, insured, or who are operating outside of their licensed area.

“Not only that, but they also help ensure that our Gedling Borough licenced drivers, don’t lose trade to those trying to take advantage and operate outside of the rules.

“We will continue to work in partnership with other licensing authorities to keep our borough safe, and this conviction sends a very clear message that these offences will not be tolerated.”


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