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WATCH: The moment a cyclist slams into parked car while trying to ride while holding a coffee cup

Image credit : Twitter @schscott

A London taxi driver has captured the moment a cyclist loses control of a 'Boris Bikes', slamming into a parked car before simply raising his hand holding a cup of coffee.

Dash cam footage shows the cyclist riding the wrong way down a one way street with one hand on the bike's handles and the other holding a takeaway coffee cup.

Heading towards the oncoming taxi, the cyclist loses control, veering across the road before finally slamming into a parked car.

The cyclist then appears to just compose himself and continue on with his day.

The footage has been posted on Twitter @schscott who has said he was in such shock he couldn't help but use a few expletives.

Social media users jumped on the post to have had their say.

One user, wrote: "Holds the coffee up with pride at the end! Don't worry about the motor though."

Another wrote: "The other one you see is riding the bike, usually on the pavement and using their phone to text, guess how many hands are on the handlebars?"

Another pointed out the lack of concern over the condition of the car after the collision, saying: "Probably damaged the car but doesn't even check."


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