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‘Watering down’ the Glasgow Knowledge taxi tests for sat-navs is not the answer says Union

Image credit: Ross Campbell

Scrapping Knowledge testing for the sat-nav is not the answer to increasing the number of cabs available in Glasgow, says Union.

The comments follow council claims that the topographical test is ‘not fit for purpose’ due to the emergence of satellite navigation technology.

STV News reported that taxi firms in Glasgow have warned the industry is struggling to find new drivers and faces difficulties sourcing vehicle parts.

Three city operators appeared before Glasgow City Council (GCC) after missing annual vehicle inspections. The operators reported a drop in available drivers, financial concerns for firms and issues securing parts to get cars back on the road.

One of the operators struggling claimed topographical tests were stopping new taxi drivers entering the trade.

Cllr Alex Wilson, GCC Licensing Chair, said: “I agree the topographical test, especially now we’ve got SatNavs, is probably not fit for purpose. That’s something that as a committee we will look at.”

A spokesperson from Unite the Union Glasgow Cab Section responded quickly warning the ‘watering down’ of standards was not the answer.

The union added it was vital that all taxi drivers display a ‘intimate knowledge of the city’ to provide a high standard of service expected by users.

It was finally suggested that the council moves to update the current testing process and deliver the test quicker to help applicants reach the required level quicker.


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