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‘WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER’: Taxi driver Chairman calls for London trade to address vehicle issues

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

‘We need to work together to both rejuvenate the Knowledge of London and also address the issue of our vehicle,’ says London taxi representative Chairman.

London is unlikely to see the iconic taxi turning circle scrapped anytime soon, but fresh debate within the industry has surfaced as cabbies look for more taxi vehicle choice to enter the market.

The feature, synonymous with the capital’s black taxi, is seen by some drivers as too expensive and restricts vehicle options. On the flip-side, many others see the feature as a unique selling point that distinguishes the trade from private hire services.

There are currently only two vehicles that meet the strict criteria set by the regulators Transport for London (TfL); LEVC’s TX and the Nissan Dynamo. However, earlier this month TaxiPoint reported that the all-electric Nissan Dynamo black cab will no longer be produced as Nissan cease production of e-NV200 Evalia van.

Dynamo Motors have moved quickly to assure the taxi industry that a new manufacturer is being sourced with a view to re-enter the taxi industry market as soon as possible.

Grant Davis, LCDC Chairman, said via LCDC.UK: ”Many drivers have also raised the issue of the turning circle requirement being removed from new taxis as they feel that in such a restricted market such as in London, it could hold back the introduction of possible newer vehicles into the market.

“With the current demographics of the taxi drivers in London, I know from members in their late fifties, they simply cannot afford to buy a new taxi nor can they afford the rental costs of new taxis, it is a conundrum that must be resolved if we are to survive. and flourish.”

Davis added: “I have received many emails and calls from members and non-members who tell me we need a wider choice of vehicle in London. I remember when attending the ULEZ meetings at TfL we (the trade) were “promised” a wide choice… Mercedes, LTI, Metrocab, Nissan, Mercedes and Karsan but at present, we have but one vehicle which equates to a monopoly.”


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