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WeFlex and Sytner Mercedes-Benz London Corporate Sales partner to offer luxury ride-hail EVs

Image credit: WeFlex

WeFlex has announced a partnership with Sytner Mercedes-Benz London Corporate Sales to meet the increasing demand for luxury electric vehicles among ride-hailing drivers. This collaboration comes as the ride-hailing industry experiences a surge in interest for high-end electric vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz EQA SUV and EQE Saloon, with impressive ranges of up to 324 and 380 miles respectively, offer ample mileage for the average ride-hailing driver in London. These vehicles boast comfortable interiors, coupled with eye-catching exterior designs, aiming to provide a more luxurious travel experience for ride-hailing customers.

Luxury electric vehicles, such as those offered by Mercedes-Benz, aim to empower ride-hailing drivers to compete for better fares and attract a corporate executive customer base through popular apps like Wheely, Blacklane, Uber, and Bolt.

WeFlex now operates a fleet of over 2,000 cars across multiple brands. In addition to offering a wide selection of vehicles, WeFlex provides flexible finance plans tailored to assist ride-hailing drivers in effectively managing their business and owning their vehicle, all while accommodating their individual circumstances.

Nicko Williamson, Founder and CEO of WeFlex, said: “Mercedes-Benz needs little introduction when it comes to associations with quality design and engineering. Ride-Hailing passengers are increasingly looking for a more luxury experience and drivers want to be able to attract corporate customers – and higher fares. Mercedes-Benz are experts in luxury vehicles – and Sytner has been a brilliant partner in helping get these beautiful electric vehicles onto London’s roads.”

Stephen Hanifan, Corporate Sales Director from Sytner Mercedes-Benz London, added: “We are seeing growing demand from across the spectrum and particularly within Ride-Hailing for higher-end vehicles. When you spend your entire working day driving for a living, you can see why the additional comfort, technology and range of the EQA and EQE is highly appealing for drivers - and for their passengers - looking to travel around London in style.”


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