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West Berkshire Council considers taxi fare increase and new fouling charges

West Berkshire Council has initiated a public consultation regarding the potential increase in taxi fares alongside the introduction of new fouling charges.

The consultation seeks to gather feedback from a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including the taxi industry, local residents, businesses, and taxi users.

The proposal, brought forward by a representative from the taxi sector, advocates for a fare hike of approximately 3.2%. Furthermore, for the first time, the council is considering the implementation of fouling charges across three tariff bands. This proposed change aims to cover the higher expenses incurred from cleaning vehicles outside standard working hours—a period that coincides with the taxi trade's peak activity.

During a council executive meeting on 14 March, it was unanimously agreed that this consultation would proceed. Moreover, the council has decided to extend the usual two-week consultation period to three weeks, acknowledging the overlap with the Easter holiday season.

The consultation period is set from 21 March to 11 April, during which the council eagerly awaits input from all concerned parties regarding the suggested fare adjustments and the introduction of fouling charges.


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