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West Lothian Council halts any increase in taxi tariffs amid cost-of-living concerns

Updated: Apr 22

West Lothian council has voted to freeze taxi tariffs for the forthcoming year. This decision marks a significant step in supporting both residents and taxi operators by maintaining current fare rates despite economic fluctuations.

The resolution, passed during the latest council meeting, ensures that taxi fares will not increase, providing much-needed relief to commuters who rely heavily on local taxi services for daily transportation. Council members highlighted the importance of stable transportation costs as essential in times of financial uncertainty.

By keeping the tariffs unchanged, the council hopes to safeguard the accessibility of taxi services, a vital component of urban mobility, especially for those without private vehicles. The decision also comes as a response to concerns raised by some local taxi associations, who cited the potential impact of fare hikes on service demand.

Some drivers were however concerned that rapidly increasing operating costs were squeezing cabbies' profitability during a time when living costs and inflation are also rising fast.

Further details outlined in the council's report suggest that this measure will be reviewed annually, taking into account the economic climate and the financial health of the taxi industry.


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