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West Lothian freezes taxi fares through to November 2025

The West Lothian Council's latest statutory tariff review has concluded no adjustments will be made to the existing taxi and metered private hire car fare structure.

This decision ensures that rates remain consistent, with the current fare table effective from 22 May 2024 until 21 November 2025.

Taxi and private hire car tariffs are typically calibrated to balance the operational costs faced by drivers with the financial considerations of passengers.

These tariffs take into account a variety of factors, including fuel prices, vehicle maintenance, insurance costs, and drivers' need to earn a sustainable income. Concurrently, the fare structure aims to be fair and affordable for passengers, promoting access to transportation without undue financial burden.

The fare determination process is meticulous, involving consultations with industry stakeholders, economic assessments, and consideration of consumer price sensitivity. The goal is to achieve a balance that supports the viability of the taxi sector while ensuring that transportation remains accessible for the wider community.

Passengers and drivers can view the unchanged fare rates on the West Lothian Council’s official website.


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