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‘WHAT A STATE’: Glasgow taxi drivers highlight ‘very sad’ decline of the nightlife economy

Glasgow taxi drivers have highlighted the ‘very sad’ decline of the nightlife economy as ‘tumbleweeds blow through the city’ on a Friday night.

Representatives from the Unite Glasgow Cab Section expressed their concerns, highlighting the detrimental impact on their livelihoods and the city as a whole.

"What a state Glasgow city centre is in. Tumbleweed blowing through the city on what should be a busy Friday night in the lead up to Xmas," exclaimed a spokesperson from Unite Glasgow Cab Section. "A nighttime economy flushed down the toilet by an SNP/Green coalition of the clueless. So very sad in a city famed for its nightlife."

The taxi industry in Glasgow heavily relies on a vibrant and bustling nightlife economy to generate business. As weekends gather momentum, residents and tourists normally swarm the city centre, hopping from one venue to another, with taxis providing a vital transportation service during these busy periods. However, current circumstances surrounding the nightlife scene seem to have dampened these prospects.

Another Glasgow taxi driver went on to emphasise the significance of nightlife in ensuring the sustainability and livelihood of Glasgow's taxi industry. They said: "A thriving nightlife not only guarantees a steady stream of passengers for our drivers but also contributes to the overall atmosphere and appeal of our beloved city. The decline we are witnessing now is disheartening."

While the reasons behind the perceived decline in Glasgow's nightlife are multifaceted, those in the taxi industry believe that new SNP/Green coalition policies and decisions may have inadvertently contributed to this downturn. As the city attempts to implement new Low Emission Zone (LEZ) strategies, the process has seemingly hindered the once buzzing nighttime economy.

Unite Glasgow Cab Section has long urged councillors to reconsider LEZ initiatives and has encouraged them to find a balance that prioritises both sustainability and economic prosperity in Glasgow.


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