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What are the taxi rank rules and regulations for London licensed taxi drivers?

Updated: Feb 21

Transport for London (TfL) has very specific regulations governing taxi rank usage across the capital, aiming to ensure efficient operation and maintain high standards of service for both drivers and passengers.

These rules are designed to facilitate a smooth process for picking up passengers at designated taxi ranks and improve the readiness and orderliness among drivers.

Key regulations include:

1. Immediate Availability: The first two taxis in the queue, or any segment thereof, are required to have drivers present and prepared for immediate hire. This rule ensures that passengers are served promptly and efficiently.

2. Willingness to Hire: Drivers are prohibited from occupying a spot on a taxi rank unless they are open to accepting any lawful hiring requests. This measure is intended to prevent delays and ensure that taxis on the rank are genuinely available for passengers.

3. Orderly Advancement: Drivers must advance their taxis forward as spaces open up, adhering to a first-come, first-served principle without skipping the queue. This system aims to maintain an organised flow and maximise the rank's capacity.

4. Segmented Rank Management: In cases where a rank is divided into parts, drivers are obligated to move up to the next segment as soon as an opening is available, ensuring that all parts of the rank are utilised efficiently.

5. Handling of Breakdowns: Taxis that have broken down must not be left on the rank any longer than necessary, minimising disruption and maintaining availability for functional taxis.

6. Conduct and Congregation: Taxi drivers are advised against unnecessary gathering or causing obstruction on the road or pavement. Furthermore, their behaviour should not disturb local residents or people nearby, preserving a peaceful environment around taxi ranks.

These regulations by TfL, which are very similar to all nationwide rank usage guidance put in place by local authorities, aim not only to streamline the operation of taxi ranks but also to enhance the experience for passengers seeking to hire a taxi.


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