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What is the average age of a taxi driver in Scotland and how does it compare south of the border?

Leading industry news source TaxiPoint has explored the average age of a taxi driver in Scotland, and how it compares to other regions and occupations.

According to the latest statistics from the Scottish Government, there were 36,421 licensed taxi and private hire car drivers in Scotland as of March 2020. The average age of these drivers was 51 years old, which is slightly higher than the UK average of 49 years old. The median age was also 51 years old, meaning that half of the drivers were older than 51 and half were younger.

The average age of a taxi driver in Scotland has increased over the years, from 47 years old in 2010 to 51 years old in 2020. This trend reflects the ageing population of Scotland, as well as the challenges of attracting and retaining younger drivers in the industry. Some of the factors that may discourage younger people from becoming taxi drivers include:

  • The high cost of obtaining and maintaining a licence, vehicle and insurance

  • The long and irregular working hours, often involving night shifts and weekends

  • The low and variable income, depending on demand and competition

  • The physical and mental stress of driving in traffic and dealing with customers.

On the other hand, some of the benefits that may attract older people to become taxi drivers include:

  • The flexibility and independence of being self-employed

  • The opportunity to meet different people and socialise

  • The satisfaction of providing a valuable service to the community

  • The possibility of earning extra income after retirement.

How does the average age of a taxi driver in Scotland compare to other regions and occupations? According to the Office for National Statistics, the average age of a taxi driver in England and Wales was 48 years old in 2019, slightly lower than in Scotland. However, within England and Wales, there was a wide variation among different regions, from 44 years old in London to 53 years old in Wales.

The average age of a taxi driver in Scotland was also higher than most other occupations in 2019. For example, the average age of a nurse was 41 years old, a teacher was 39 years old, a police officer was 38 years old, and a retail worker was 36 years old.

However, there were some occupations that had a higher average age than a taxi driver in Scotland, such as a farmer (59 years old), a judge (58 years old), and a clergyman (56 years old).


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