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What is the highest mileage LEVC TX taxi on the road at the moment?

Updated: Apr 15

Image credit: LEVC

In a recent discussion on a Wizann podcast, Lorenzo Bugliari, the Head of Retail for London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), revealed the impressive durability of the LEVC TX taxi. According to Bugliari, the highest mileage recorded for the model on the roads today stands at approximately 270,000 miles.

The LEVC TX, known for its eco-friendly design, first graced the streets of London in 2018. It represents a significant advance in the city's move towards more sustainable black cab transportation. The taxi is particularly noted for its hybrid electric powertrain, which allows it to operate on both electric power and conventional fuel.

During the podcast, which debuted earlier this month, Bugliari was asked what the highest mileage TX model he was aware of in the trade. In response he shared an anecdote about a Scottish driver whose TX taxi has clocked up a staggering ‘270,000 odd’ with minimal mechanical issues.

Lorenzo Bugliari, LEVC Head of Retail, said: “Someone asked me that a couple of days ago! I think I’ve heard of, not seen, probably about 270,000 odd.”

He added: “That’s quite big miles and that’s a guy up in Scotland. And he’s had, from what I understand, not many problems whatsoever. His thing was driving it right and carefully.”

What made the LEVC TX different to anything else on the market before?

The LEVC TX, the company's flagship model, was introduced to the streets of London in 2018. It was, and still remains an advanced, hybrid-electric taxi designed with both the environment and the urban driver in mind. Key features of the LEVC TX include:

1. Electric Powertrain: The TX boasts a range-extended electric powertrain. This combines a battery-powered electric motor with a small petrol generator, enhancing range and eliminating range anxiety. On electric power alone, the newer model TX can achieve a range of about 80 miles, with the petrol generator extending that to over 300 miles.

2. Emission Reductions: The taxi is engineered to reduce emissions significantly. Its ability to operate on electric power in city environments helps lower air pollution, making it a favourite in efforts to green urban transportation fleets.

3. Passenger Comfort: The TX is designed with a spacious cabin, able to accommodate up to six passengers. It features face-to-face seating and is accessible for wheelchair users, ensuring inclusivity and convenience.

4. Advanced Features: The vehicle includes a panoramic roof, charging points for electronic devices, and onboard WiFi. Safety features include collision avoidance systems and emergency brake assistance, which enhance both driver and passenger safety.


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