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What is Uber One and how much is it?

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Uber One is a new subscription service that Uber launched in the UK in May 2022. It offers users a range of benefits across both Uber and Uber Eats apps, such as discounts on rides and deliveries, special offers, and premium customer support.

In this article, we will explain what Uber One is, how much it costs, and what extras it includes.

Uber One replaces the previous subscription plans, Eats Pass and Uber Pass, which were available in some markets. Uber One aims to provide a more comprehensive and consistent membership experience for users who frequently use both Uber and Uber Eats services.

How much does Uber One cost?

Uber One costs £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year. Users can cancel their membership at any time without any penalty. According to Uber, members can save up to £19 per month on average, based on typical usage across both apps.

What are the benefits of Uber One?

Uber One offers a variety of benefits for users who want to save money and enjoy exclusive perks on their rides and deliveries. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • 5% off eligible rides and 10% off premium rides: Members get 5% off UberX, XL, Comfort, and Green rides and 10% off premium rides such as Lux and Exec. The discount applies to both personal and business profiles.

  • £0 delivery fee on eligible orders: Members get £0 delivery fee on food, grocery, and alcohol orders from participating restaurants and stores marked with the Uber One icon in the app. The minimum order value is £15 for food orders and £25 for grocery orders.

  • 5% off eligible delivery orders: Members get 5% off food orders from participating restaurants marked with the Uber One icon in the app. The minimum order value is £15 and the discount does not apply to grocery orders.

  • Uber One Promise: Members get a £5 credit in Uber Cash if their delivery order arrives later than Uber's Latest Arrival estimate. This applies to eligible orders from participating restaurants and stores marked with the Uber One icon in the app.

  • Exclusive perks: Members get access to special offers and promotions only available to Uber One members. These may include discounts on partner brands, free trials of other services, invite-only events, and more.

  • Premium customer support: Members get priority access to customer support agents via phone or chat.

How to sign up for Uber One?

Users can sign up for Uber One by opening the Uber or Uber Eats app on their mobile device or web browser and tapping on the menu icon. Then, they can select "Uber One" from the list of options and follow the instructions to choose their preferred payment method and start their membership.

Users can also sign up for Uber One through their employer if they are part of a corporate programme that offers Uber One as an employee benefit. In that case, they will receive an email invitation from their employer to join the programme.


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