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What LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE can London taxi passengers expect from their drivers?

Image credit: Tom Hutley (YouTube)

A popular London taxi driver and YouTube Creator has published his latest video based around three stories from passengers with varying expectations of a London cab driver’s Knowledge of the city.

Tom Hutley, a London taxi driver and successful YouTuber with more than 46,000 subscribers, shared his experiences of passengers either expecting taxi drivers to know very little about areas within the the capital, or on the flip-side, expect them to know every single nock and cranny of the city.

Hutley’s YouTube channel has been a massive hit with viewers ever since it first launched in March 2020. The London black cab driver and qualified taxi guide completed the ‘Knowledge of London’ in 2017 after 3 years of studying. Four years into the job he now has a fast-growing channel on YouTube and has recently launched his own blog.

What is the Knowledge of London?

Iconic black cabs can be hailed in the street so taxi drivers must have a thorough knowledge of London within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross. Tens of thousands of road names and places of interest must be learnt. This is why taxi drivers have to learn and pass the world-famous Knowledge.

The KoL was introduced as a requirement for taxi drivers in 1865 and completing the test usually takes students three to four years.


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