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WHERE BUSES GO: City of London Police Chair calls for better taxi access in the Square Mile

Image credit: James Thomson (X, formerly Twitter)

City of London Police Chair, James Thomson, has recently met with ‘representatives’ of the Licensed Hackney Carriage trade to engage in discussions on the importance of taxi cabs having equal access to transportation services, similar to Transport for London (TfL) buses.

The move has long been argued for by most working within the industry. Public transport accessibility is believed to be critical for various reasons, such as ensuring the safety of the public, addressing mobility challenges, supporting businesses in the City of London, and boosting the hospitality and tourism industries.

During the meeting, Mr. Thomson highlighted the significance of taxi cabs and the pivotal role they play in providing essential transportation services to the citizens of London. He highlighted the need for taxi cabs to have the same level of access as TfL buses, explaining that it would greatly benefit the public by enhancing their mobility options.

Public safety emerged as a primary concern during the discussions. The importance of having taxis readily available to the public, especially during late hours when alternative transportation options may be limited, was discussed with taxi drivers. By granting equal access to taxis, the aim would be to provide a safer environment for commuters, discouraging them from resorting to potentially unsafe means of transport.

Addressing mobility challenges was another significant aspect of the conversation. The introduction of equal access for taxis is expected to alleviate some of the difficulties faced by individuals with limited mobility, making it easier for them to navigate the City of London. This move aligns with the city's commitment to providing accessible transportation solutions for all residents and visitors.

The impact of taxi accessibility on local businesses cannot be underestimated. The City of London plays host to numerous corporate entities, and smooth transportation arrangements are crucial for their day-to-day operations. Ensuring that taxi cabs have the same access as TfL buses will contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of these businesses, minimising disruptions caused by transportation issues.

Additionally, the hospitality and tourism sectors stand to benefit significantly from this policy change. Visitors to the City of London often rely on taxis as a convenient means of getting around and exploring the area. By ensuring equal access for taxi cabs, the city aims to enhance the overall visitor experience, making it more attractive for tourists and supporting the growth of these key industries.

Due to a heavily restricted road network throughout the City of London, less taxi drivers have been plying their trade in the financial district. Fear of fines and heavy traffic on the roads that do remain open to them makes the district less appealing and profitable.

James Thomson, Chair for City of London Police, said via social media: “Met reps of the Licensed Hackney Carriage trade. Discussed importance of cabs and need for them to have same access as TfL buses.

“Critical for: public safety, the mobility challenges, businesses in City of London, hospitality & tourism”


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