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WHERE IS THE LOVE? Uber drivers in Bristol to strike on Valentine's Day for better pay and conditions

Uber drivers in Bristol are set to go on a Valentine's Day strike, as part of a nationwide call for higher pay and improved working conditions.

The drivers, advocating for their rights, are urging the public to show solidarity by refraining from using the Uber app during the period of industrial action on Wednesday 14 February.

The strike will feature a protest outside the Uber office on Upper York Street in Bristol, beginning at noon. This action is part of an ongoing series of strikes by Uber drivers in recent years, aimed at securing a fair wage and better employment conditions.

A leaflet distributed by the strike's organisers outlines the drivers' key demands, which include a higher rate per mile, a cap on commission taken by Uber at 15 percent, clear transparency on `charges levied on customers, and the abolition of fixed rate trips.

Additionally, the drivers are calling for a 50 percent surcharge on trips outside of the designated area and propose that customers with ratings below a certain threshold should not be allowed to rate drivers. They are also protesting against what they describe as "unfair deactivation" practices by the company.

The leaflet appeals to fellow drivers to participate in the strike and protest, emphasising the personal resources drivers invest into their work, including their cars, insurance, time, and fuel. The call to action challenges the current dynamics with Uber, questioning, "It is our car, our insurance, our time, our fuel - why listen to Uber?"

The strike represents a stand by Uber drivers against what they perceive as unfair practices, highlighting the broader issues within the gig economy regarding workers' rights and compensation. As the strike falls on Valentine's Day, a traditionally high-demand period for ride-hailing services, the drivers' action aims to highlight the urgency and importance of their demands.


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