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Wiltshire Police recover stolen London PHV in Salisbury after police vehicle rammed

Image credit: Wiltshire Specialist Ops

Wiltshire Police dramatically recovered a stolen Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) originating from London, following a high-speed pursuit in Salisbury. The incident, which involved the vehicle ramming a police car, concluded with the apprehension of two male suspects.

According to a statement released on social media by a spokesperson for Wiltshire Police Specialist Operations, the Roads Police Unit (RPU) and Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) officers in Salisbury were engaged in the pursuit of the stolen vehicle, identified as a Toyota Prius. The car had reportedly been stolen in August 2023.

During the chase, the suspects collided with a police vehicle, an act that escalated the urgency of the operation. In response to this, Wiltshire Police deployed additional resources, including the Police Dog Unit and the National Police Air Service South West, along with the Community Policing Team (CPT).

The combined efforts of these units led to the successful interception of the stolen Prius. The two male suspects, who had attempted to flee the scene on foot, were promptly detained by the police. The spokesperson confirmed that the individuals were taken into custody and were facing arrest.

This incident highlights the coordinated efforts of various branches of the Wiltshire Police in tackling crime and ensuring public safety. The use of advanced police resources, such as the Air Service and Police Dogs, demonstrates the force's commitment to utilising all available means.

An image of the stolen vehicle was shared displaying a fake number plate hanging from the car and Transport for London (TfL) roundel located in the rear window on the Toyota Prius.

A Wiltshire Police Specialist Ops spokesperson said via social media: “Roads Police Unit (RPU) & ARVin Salisbury had this stolen Toyota Prius from August 2023 make off after ramming a police vehicle.

“Assistance of Wiltshire Police Dogs and National Police Air Service South West and CPT resulted in two males who decamped be detained, and now off to custody. Arrested.“


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