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Win for Uber as decision that forced them to suspend operations in Colombia overturned by Judge

A Colombian court has overturned an order which forced ride-sharing app Uber to briefly suspend operations in the country last year and change its model of operations to get back on the roads.

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC), which regulates fair competition and protects consumers, had judged Uber to be in violation of competition rules amid a lawsuit from a taxi company in December 2019.

But in a recent decision, the Superior Tribunal of Bogota said the time limit for the taxi company to present its complaint had expired, therefore overturning the decision.

Uber, which has more than 2 million registered users and 88,000 drivers in Colombia, hailed the decision, releasing a statement, saying: "We celebrate the decision that the Superior Court of Bogotá made today, which reverses an unfair ruling issued by the SIC on 20 December, 2019.

"We thank our community of landlords and tenants for their unconditional support in this difficult year. This milestone gives us even more energy to contribute to the solutions that the country needs.

"Given the difficult economic situation we are facing due to COVID-19, Uber seeks to be an ally of the country to recover the economy and offer opportunities to generate additional profits for thousands of people. Those who have been affected by the crisis find Uber a great alternative at this time of economic recovery.

"With this north, we reiterate the urgency of having clear rules that allow the growth of these sectors powered by technology to be promoted and thus transform Colombia into a more inclusive, safer society with better cities. Our intention will continue to be to maintain an open dialogue with the Colombian government, Congress, local authorities and all stakeholders, in order to share all our global experience to build a modern regulatory framework for all collaborative mobility platforms.

"Technology and innovation play a key role in the development and competitiveness of our country. Colombia must be a country that defends net neutrality and generates favorable conditions for local and foreign investment.

"We will make a detailed review of the ruling to define our next steps, particularly in relation to the model available in Colombia since February of this year.

"Our commitment to Colombia continues. We will continue betting on the country. Thank you for believing in us."

Image credit: TaxiPoint


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