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Wirral Council scraps plans for controversial £5 taxi drop-off fee to Liverpool

Wirral Council has scrapped plans for a £5 drop-off fee for taxis from Wirral to Liverpool, responding to taxi drivers' concerns and public objections.

Fare increases were approved instead, with some adjustments to the initial proposals.

The revised fare structure, effective from 21 February, aims to balance the needs of taxi drivers with those of the public amid the cost-of-living crisis.

The decision to increase fares was supported by Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat councillors, while opposed by the Green Party.

The scrapped £5 drop-off charge was initially introduced to offset fare rises, but faced backlash from both taxi drivers and the public, leading to a reconsideration by Wirral Council.

The compromise increases fares on a lesser scale than first proposed, aiming to fairly compensate drivers while considering the financial strain on passengers.


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