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Wirral late night taxi fares to start at £5 after Council approves changes

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Taxi tariffs in Wirral will rise to a £5 starting rate in the evening after the changes were approved by Wirral Council.

The new tariff will start on Friday 7 October and mean the starting rate charged by black cabs in the area during the day will increase by 40p to £3.60. Starting tariffs for late night taxi trips will rise from £3.60 to £5.

Earlier this year it was proposed that the daytime starting rate, also known as the ‘flag fall’ in the taxi industry, should mirror the £5 night-time rate. However, several taxi drivers objected to the proposal.

Bank holiday rates will increase to £5 from £3.80, but Christmas and Boxing Day rates will fall from £6 to £5.

The proposal from the taxi driver would see prices start at £3.60 and increase by 20p every 207 metres, which would lead to an equivalent fare of £5 after one mile.

The updated taxi fares arrive as a result of rising living and business costs facing those working in the industry.


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