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Wolverhampton compliance officers conduct vehicle inspections in Manchester city centre

Image credit: WV Public Protection (X, formerly Twitter)

City of Wolverhampton compliance officers partnered with Greater Manchester Police Traffic to conduct vehicle inspections within Manchester City Centre this week.

The Public Protection spokesperson advised all drivers to ensure they are displaying the correct operator door signage while also wearing and displaying their photo ID badges.

Compliance officers were seen in locations within Manchester City Centre, actively engaging with drivers and inspecting vehicles for compliance.

Authorities have not issued any specific statements regarding the outcome of the inspections or any penalties imposed on non-compliant drivers or vehicles.

A City of Wolverhampton Public Protection spokesperson said via social media: “Compliance Officers are checking drivers and vehicles with our partners Greater Manchester Police Traffic in Manchester City Centre. Make sure that you are displaying the correct Operator door signage and are wearing/displaying your photo ID badge!”


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