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Wolverhampton Private Hire Vehicle caught with illegally worn tyre in Liverpool

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

A Wolverhampton Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) was recently found to be operating with an illegal and severely worn tyre in the Merseyside area.

A Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing spokesperson took to social media to share an alarming image of the worn tyre. The image depicted a tyre with significantly worn tread with large areas of the tyre showing a super slick grip.

The minimum required tread depth, as stipulated by UK law, is 1.6mm. This minimum tread depth requirement applies across the majority of the tyre's central three-quarters, encompassing the full circumference of the tyre.

A Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “Wolverhampton PHV caught with an illegal tyre.”


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