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Worcester City Council proposes mandatory safeguarding training for taxi drivers

Worcester City Council seeks public opinion on a plan to mandate safeguarding training for all licensed taxi and private hire vehicle drivers.

The proposed training aims to equip drivers with the skills to recognise and respond to signs of passenger abuse or distress. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to protect vulnerable groups, including children and adults, from harm.

Drivers would learn how to report crimes such as trafficking, drug dealing, domestic abuse, and other forms of discrimination. Additionally, a refresher course every three years would be required upon licence renewal.

This proposal follows the Department for Transport's 2020 guidance to taxi and private hire licensing authorities. While new drivers already receive this training, the Council now intends to extend it to all drivers.

The Licensing and Environment Committee will review public feedback in October. If approved, the training will become compulsory from 1 January 2025.

Councillor Richard Udall, the Chair of Worcester City Council’s Licensing and Environmental Health Committee, said: “City taxi drivers play an important role in helping people to move around Worcester.

“It is important that all taxi drivers receive the latest safeguarding training to keep themselves and their customers safe.

“We would like to hear from taxi drivers and private hire vehicle trades members about the proposals.

“The views of groups across Worcester would also be welcome, whether they be from transport, community, business or welfare sectors.

“Taxi drivers play an important role in taking people home at the end of a night out and we would like to also hear the thoughts from any night-time economy groups about the proposal.

“To have your say, visit”


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