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Worcestershire Councillor gives warning to out-of-town private hire drivers ‘pretending to be taxis’

In a bid to protect the livelihood of local taxi drivers, a Worcestershire councillor has raised concerns over the increasing number of out-of-town private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers operating as taxis in the area.

This has led to a significant drop in demand for locally licensed taxis, leaving drivers struggling to make ends meet.

The controversy arises from the ability of PHV drivers to legally operate outside their licensing authorities through a practice called 'cross-border hiring'. This rule has sparked debates on whether it compromises fair competition and poses risks to public safety.

Recent reports from the BBC shed light on the negative impact of this trend on local taxi drivers. One hackney carriage driver from Worcester revealed that his business has been severely affected, with the number of daily trips plummeting to fewer than 10. The influx of vehicles licensed from outside the region has not only decreased revenue but also raised concerns about the quality of service provided.

In response to the situation, Richard Udall, a Labour councillor representing Worcester City and Worcestershire County, has vowed to take action against illegal out-of-town private hire drivers falsely posing as taxis. Councillor Udall issued a warning to these drivers, stating: “We are taking action to crack down on illegal out of town private hire drivers pretending to be taxis. We will catch you.“


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