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Worrying UK trend shows collision risk rise 19% for taxi, truck and van drivers

UK professional drivers are experiencing a worrying trend: they are driving fewer miles before being involved in a collision.

Geotab, a leader in connected transportation solutions, reported a significant 19.12% decrease in the total distance driven per collision by truck, van, and taxi operators in the UK during 2023. The average distance has dropped from 920,000 miles to 740,000 miles.

For a large British company operating a fleet of 1,000 HGVs, each driving 75,000 miles annually, this data could mean an additional 20 collisions per year.

The findings come from Geotab's ‘2024 State of Commercial Transportation’ report, which analysed telematics data from one million commercial vehicles worldwide. The report revealed a general increase in collisions, with Germany showing a near one-third (27.3%) reduction in miles before an accident. Conversely, Spain, Italy, and Brazil saw notable improvements, with increases of 5.66%, 5.25%, and 4% respectively in miles driven before a collision.

Geotab is collaborating with UK firms to bolster their safety programmes using predictive analytics and benchmarking. The Geotab ‘Safety Center’ offers fleet operators insights into collision risks through predictive analytics. According to the report, fleets utilising Geotab’s safety features have seen a 40% reduction in collision rates.

The report also highlights the importance of advanced telematics in fleet operations. By harnessing data intelligence and AI, fleets can improve safety measures, productivity, and cost-efficiency amidst challenges such as rising fuel prices, regulatory changes, and economic uncertainties.

The decreasing distance driven before collisions by UK fleet drivers signals a pressing need for enhanced safety measures. As data continues to play a crucial role in fleet management, companies are being urged to leverage advanced telematics to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

David Savage, Vice President for the UK and Ireland at Geotab, said: “Keeping drivers and other road users safe should be a top priority for all fleet decision-makers.

“Just over 20% of all road casualties occur in driving-for-work collisions. As an industry, we have a duty to reduce these numbers – which we can with better safety measures.”


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