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WRONG ADVICE: Northern Ireland taxi driver to be compensated more than £11,000 in Tax Credits

Northern Ireland’s Department of Communities has been told to pay a taxi driver more than £11,000 in compensation after wrongfully being told to apply for Universal Credit.

The taxi driver suffered injuries in a car accident which meant he was unable to work. The cabbie lost lost a total of £11,412.93 in Working Tax Credit benefits after incorrect advice was handed to him.

In an investigation led by the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman they said the Department of Communities did not follow its own guidance by referring the man to a number of specialist services.

The Ombudsman requested recordings of the phone-calls between the taxi driver and the department, but found that they had been destroyed.

The investigation concluded by recommending the department issue the man with an apology and pay him the total amount of Working Tax Credit he had failed to receive totalling £11,412.93.


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