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‘YOU’RE HARD’: Taxi driver caught on mobile phone slams door in anger after receiving ticket

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Image credit: Wiltshire Specialist Ops

A taxi driver was left ‘slamming his door’ in anger after police officers reported him for using a mobile device whilst driving.

Wiltshire police officers shared details of the incident on social media which resulted with the cabbie being pulled over and handed a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) much to his disgust.

Officers say the cabbie was so ‘preoccupied’ that he wasn’t aware of the marked police car beside his vehicle.

Upon receipt of the ticket, the cabbie is said to have snatched the TOR and slammed his cab door in anger prompting officers to post the tongue in cheek hashtag ‘you’re hard’.

In the United Kingdom, if you are caught driving while using a mobile phone, you can receive 6 penalty points on your driving licence and a fine of up to £200. If you have been driving for less than two years, you may also face having your licence revoked.

A Wiltshire Specialist Ops spokesperson said: “The driver of this taxi thought it would be ok to use his phone while driving.

“He was so preoccupied, he didn't notice RPU next to him in a marked car.

“He left snatching the TORS from the officer & slamming the door #yourehard #Fatal5 #ProfessionalDriver! #reported


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