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Youths throwing stones and eggs at taxis are ‘TERRORISING’ cabbies says council leader

Youths throwing stones and eggs at taxi vehicles are ‘terrorising‘ cabbies in Colne says council leader.

According to Pendle Council, taxi drivers in Colne are being targeted by youths throwing stones and eggs at taxis and taxi rank buildings, breaking windows. Taxis have also been kicked and drivers subjected to abusive language.

The incidents are not only isolated to the taxi industry either as a number of homes in in the area have reportedly had their windows smashed by what appears to be the same group of youths. The areas which have being targeted by two groups of youths include the town centre and the area around George IV playing fields off Skipton Road.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal MBE, Leader of Pendle Council, explained: “We are working with the Police and local councillors to help find the culprits and put a stop to this criminal and anti-social behaviour.

“It’s totally unacceptable and is making our taxi drivers and other local people feel unsafe and terrorised in their own town.”

Pendle Council’s Deputy Leader, Councillor David Whipp who chairs the Pendle Community Safety Partnership, said: “One of the two groups has already been identified. “Police Officers have been working with the five youths and their parents and are confident they won’t be carrying out these yobbish attacks again.”

Whipp added: “But there is a second group of youths we need help identifying.

“That’s why we are urging local people to contact the Police on 101 if they spot them throwing stones or eggs at homes or taxis or hear them using abusive language towards people.

“Local residents can help us put a stop to this gang of youth by helping the Police identify who they are.”


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