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ZERO TOLERANCE: Private Hire driver reported for leaving vehicle on hackney taxi rank

Image credit : Twitter @lcc_licensing

Liverpool City Council Licensing have reported a private hire driver for leaving their vehicle on a hackney carriage taxi rank.

Hackney carriage taxi ranks are not to be used by anyone other than licensed taxi drivers who are plying for hire.

Liverpool's Licensing Team spent the day ensuring that local ranks were not being abused by general motorists or private hire drivers.

Officers found a private hire Vauxhall Insignia car parked in a clearly marked taxi rank, therefore was issued a ticket and reported for the offence.

A spokesperson for the council tweeted @lcc_licensing: "Officers out ensuring hackney carriage ranks are clear of unauthorised vehicles.

"Unattended PHV found on rank and driver will be reported. Hackney carriages are only permitted to wait on ranks."

Responding to the tweet, one person pointed out that one particular rank at Broadway Market is often being abused by motorists, which prevents licensed taxi drivers gaining access and doing their job.

They tweeted: "Every Saturday afternoon between about 2-5pm, Broadway Market rank is completely blocked by cars visiting the Sector8 play centre. What can you do to help us?"

Taxi ranks are allocated in places where people can access a cab easily. When taxi drivers cannot access the ranks, it makes it harder to hail a cab.


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