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ZERO TOLERANCE: Road safety groups would welcome fines for going just 1mph over the speed limit

Road safety motoring groups have welcomed the proposal for drivers to face fines for going over speed limits by 1mph.

The All Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking, made up of cross-party MPs and peers, will call for tolerances in the enforcement of speeding to be removed.

Most police forces have a tolerance of 10 percent plus 2mph above the limit before drivers face prosecution for speeding.

Gary Digva, founder of road safety campaigners Road Angel, believes this will reduce accidents and fatalities on the roads.

He said: “It may sound extreme that drivers could be fined for going just 1mph over the speed limit, but there is a real speeding problem amongst British motorists.

“Statistics published by the Department for Transport (DfT) have revealed that 85% of car drivers in Great Britain broke the law by driving faster than the speed limit in 20mph zones last year.

“The report also revealed that on roads with a 30mph maximum, 50% of car drivers broke the law.

“Speed limits are in place to make the roads safer for pedestrians, and other road users, so those ignoring the rules are putting lives at risk.

“Motorists are aware of the 10% over the speed limit leniency that most police forces operate, but we believe drivers should try and do the opposite and drive 10% under the limit to help keep them and other road users safe and avoid penalties.

“In 2021, travelling too fast or exceeding the speed limit was a contributory factor in 25% of deaths.

“Some people are concerned that drivers could be distracted by their speedometer if the tolerances were removed, but the reality is drivers need to know how fast they are driving.

“It’s important drivers get the information they need without being distracted, and car technology can help drivers have a better understanding of what speed they are doing while not being distracted which can lead to distracted driving.

“Ultimately, excessive speed increases the chances of being involved in an accident due to increased braking distances and shorter reaction times.

“Speeding endangers everyone on the roads, so drivers should be encouraged not to speed even if it is only 1 mph over the limit because speeding is a significant contributor to accidents and casualties on British roads."


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