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TaxiPoint is an independent news media outlet run for the benefit of the UK taxi industry.

By donating and supporting TaxiPoint you will be:

  • Helping us secure the long-term future of TaxiPoint so we can keep delivering the best mainstream independent trade journalism

  • Helping us invest in better technology for your experience

  • Helping us deliver more news that matters to you

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


"Thank you for considering TaxiPoint PRO and supporting UK taxi industry journalism.


"I and the rest of the TaxiPoint team work tirelessly to bring the industry the latest stories and breaking news. As an independent news organisation, free from commercial or political bias, we are proud to have thousands of people access our website every day for trusted, high-quality taxi trade news.

"TaxiPoint has more readers than ever before, however we need your need support to sustain our future and deliver even more content and analysis that best represents the taxi industry. By subscribing to TaxiPoint PRO you are directly helping your industry news source not just survive but grow.

"At a time of misinformation and fake news, we hope you agree that trusted, reliable journalism is more important than ever and worth every penny.

"Thank you for your continued support and thank you."

"TaxiPoint has more readers than ever before, however we need your support to sustain our future..."

Perry Richardson

Founder and Chief Editor

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