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Taxi Language


Here's a list of the most commonly used language unique to the taxi trade in London. Can you think of anymore? Are there any more outside of London?


A Churchill - Refers to a meal. Winston Churchill kindly gave cabbies the right to refuse a fare whilst eating.

B&B - Badge & Bill license check.

Berty Popped - Albert Hall emptying with possible customers.

Bill - Taxi license.

Bilker - Someone who runs off without paying.

Billy or Billies - Punter/customers.

Broom - Pushing a fare you don't want onto another driver.

Burst - Customers exiting a venue on mass.

Butterboy - A driver that has been a cabbie for less than three years.

Cabbed Out - A full rank.

Cab Law - Cab etiquette.

CabUp - Cabbie Updates via Twitter.

Clipboard Johnny - Person directing people out of venues into minicabs

Copperbottom - A taxi driver who works long hours.

DAC - Dial A Cab.

Dinosaur - A driver that doesn't use modern technology like mobile apps or take credit cards.

Dried Up - A burst has finished.

Droshky - Slang for taxi. An old horse drawn taxi.

FP - Fixed Price

Hands Up - Customers looking for taxis.

Hanging Up - Cabbies parked up with light off choosing work they want.

Hairdrier - Police officer with speed gun.

Hickory - A taxi meter.

Kojac - Police officer with speed gun.

KOL - Knowledge of London.

Legalled/Legal - Customer pays the exact fare. No tip.

Meltoned - Euston taxi rank back to Melton Street

Musher - A driver that owns their vehicle.

On & Off - Set down a customer and pick up straight away.

On Point - The taxi at the front of a rank.

Pax - Passenger.

Penguins - People attending black tie events.

POB - Passenger On Board

Putting on Foul - Over ranking.

Roader - A long distance fare.

RTG - Radio Taxis Group.

Scab - An illegal minicab.

Sherbet/Sherb - A sherbet dab slang for cab.

Showing Out - Customers looking for cabs with their hands out.

Single Pin - A single passenger.

Toes Up - Slow down for police checks.

Ubered - Ripped off by Uber.

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