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11 SEATER ANYONE? Police catch motorist who strapped large sofa to roof of car with string

Image credit : Twitter @HantsPolRoads

A motorist has been reported after attempting to transport a large sofa, strapped to the roof of their car with a piece of string and rope attached to the door handles.

Officers from Hampshire Roads Policing Unit snapped a picture of the astonishing attempt at securing the sofa for transport and shared it on their official Twitter account @HantsPolRoads.

A spokesperson for the police said: "This vehicle was stopped in Southampton earlier today - safe to say the string or rope wasn't going to hold the sofas in place! Driver issued with a TOR."

Twitter users jumped all over the post, commenting "it was the cheapest way to own a 12 seater" and "Rodney and Del Boy got a new motor! Uncle Albert will be sitting on top of the couch".

A spokesperson for the police did confirm that the incident was not serious enough to generate a Crime Reference Number, when asked by one Twitter user.


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