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12 penalty points and fine issued to private hire driver who was caught twice plying for hire

Image credit : Pixabay

A private hire driver licensed with Sefton Council has been hit with points on his licence, plus ordered to pay a fine and court costs, after being convicted of illegally plying for hire in Liverpool.

Only hackney carriage taxis are allowed to legally ply for hire, which means accepting a fare which has not been booked in advance.

All licensed private hire vehicle fares must be pre-booked in advance through a licensed operator.

Some private hire drivers breaking the law by plying for hire, essentially acting as a hackney carriage taxi, has been an issue within the trade for some time now.

When a private hire driver illegally picks up a customer without a 'pre-book', the vehicle's insurance becomes void, which becomes another offence committed.

Local licensing authorities, as well as police forces around the UK sometimes actively patrol busy towns specifically to weed out those breaking the law. If caught, the penalties can be severe.

In this case, the unnamed private hire driver had been caught plying for hire twice.

He appeared at Court for sentencing, where he was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £448. He was also issued 12 penalty points on his licence and will now face the possibility of a driving ban.

In a tweet posted by Liverpool City Council Licensing @lcc_licensing, a spokesperson said: "A Sefton PHV driver convicted of plying for hire twice appeared at Magistrates Court for sentencing.

"Total fines and costs £448 and 12 penalty points added to his licence."


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